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Water Ring Vacuum Pump


SKA series vacuum pump is to be used to drain gas and the vapor, whose suction pressure reaches 33mbar absolute pressure, 97% vacuum percentage. When the vacuum pump is operated under suction pressure lower than 80mbar for a long time, a gas corrosion pipe should be connected to protect the pump. If an air ejector is equipped, the suction pressure could reach 10mbar, and the ejector could be directly fixed in the vacuum pump. When it is used as a compressor, the maximum pressure reaches 0.26Mpa (absolute pressure)

Liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor is widely used in many sectors such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and sugar making industry. Since the air compression is operated under the same temperature, it won′t easily result in any danger, when the pump is suctioning or compressing any flammable or explosive gas. Therefore, the pump is widely used.


Characteristic :

The motor and the pump share the same axis, which is directly connected. It saves more space and is more convenient to install.
Mechanical sealing is adopted as the standard configuration, which eliminates the leakage and is convenient to maintain.

It runs stably and the noise could be as low as 62 db.

It adopts the same corrosion design, in which the bronze impeller improves the corrosion resistance of the pump, while the steel material is more useful in applications with strict requirements.

Unique soft gas outlet port avoids any possible over compression, and ensures the best efficiency of the SKA within its performance range.

Technical parameters: 

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