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D.DG Boiler Feed Centrifugal Pump

D.DG Boiler Feed Centrifugal Pump

Product Introduction:

D, DG the pump is the horizontal type, the single suction multistage, the segmental centrifugal pump. Has the efficiency to be high, the performance range is broad, the movement safe steady, the noise is low, the life is long, characteristics and so on installment service convenience. Are similar for the transportation clear water or the physical-chemical properties to water other liquid. May also through the change pump overflow part material quality, the seal form and increases the cooling system to use in transporting the hot water, the oil class, corrosiveness or contains the abrasive medium. The product carries out JB/T1051-93 "Multistage Clear water Centrifugal pump Pattern And Basic parameter" the standard.

Range of Application:

Applicable for boiler water, supply and drainage in municipal projects, factories and mines, industrial cyclic pressurization, distant water transportation, pressurization in high-rises, fire control in constructions, and so on.

Type Designation:

D(DG) 46 - 50×12

D – Segmental feed pump

G – Boiler pump

46 – Designed flow (m3/h)

50 – Single stage lift head (m)

12 – stage number 

Technology Parameters:




Rotary speed:1450、2950r/min;


Temperature range:≤105℃

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