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ISG Vertical pipeline Centrifugal Pump

ISG Vertical pipeline Centrifugal Pump

Product Introduction:

ISG series single-stage single-suction vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is the second generation of high efficiency energy-saving product designed by our company based on many years of production experience as per the performance parameters stated in the international standard ISO2858 and the national standard JB/T6878.2-93.It is an ideal substitute for normal pumps like SG and D multi-stage centrifugal pumps. The series has a flow range of 1.5-1600m3/h and a lift head range of 5-125m, which includes many specifications like basic, diversion and cutting types. According to the difference in working medium and temperature as well as material and structural changes of the flow-through part, it can designed and manufactured into ISRG hot water pump, IHG pipeline chemical pump and YG pipeline oil pump with the same performance parameters. Accordingly, this series can be widely applied to replaced the normal centrifugal pump completely to be used in all cases. 

Working Conditions:

1.Suction pressure ≤1.0MPa, or the maximum working pressure of pump system ≤1.6MPa, namely pump suction pressure +pump delivery head≤1.6MPa, pump static test pressure at 2.5MPa. Please specify the working pressure of the system when placing an order. To acquired working pressure of pump system greater than 1.6MPa should be specified separately when placing an order for our convenience to use

2.Ambient temperature<40℃,relative humidity<95%.

3.Volume content of solid particles in medium to be delivered should not exceed 0.1% of unit volume, granularity<0.2mm.

Note: to handle medium carrying small particals, please specify when placing an order for our convenience to use wear resistant mechanical seal.

Rang of Application:

Daily and fire water supply for constructions, air conditioning system, cyclic pressurization for other cold and hot clean medium.

Type Designation:


ISG – Vertical Inline Centrifugal Pump

100 – Diameter of pump inlet and outlet (mm)

160 – Nominal diameter of impeller (mm)

I –Flow classification

A – Primary cutting of impeller

B – Secondary cutting of impeller

Technology Parameters:




Rotary speed:980-2900r/min;

Caliber: 15-500mm;

Temperature range:-20℃-+120℃

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