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XBD-S Volute Split Fire Fighting Pump

XBD-S Volute Split Fire Fighting Pump

Product Introduction:

XBD-S-type single-stage double-absorption in a scroll-fire pumping systems, is under the Fire Services Division I needs of the market, the introduction of Germany advanced technology to produce high-performance pumps. Through the use of the prototype pump impeller and modified impeller and cutting, broad-spectrum full, the use of high efficiency and performance in the range of spectrum, can provide appropriate to meet the needs of users by the head of any traffic at the pumps. Using a pump at home and abroad may be the best balance since the axial and radial force of the hydraulic model, stable performance, high efficiency, compact and small vibration, high pressure pump body, installation and maintenance easy. Fire mainly used for pressurized water system, also applicable to the water plant, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, power stations, air-conditioning cycle of water, industrial water systems, fire systems, shipbuilding industry, oil refining, mining, and other transport liquid occasions. 

Type Designation:

XBD 4.4/40-100S-400A

XBD – Fire pump code

4.4 – Designed head(1/10MPa)

40 – Designed flow (L/S)

100 –Outlet diameter (mm)

S –Volute double-suction

400 –Nominal diameter of impeller  (mm)

A – Primary cutting of the impeller

Technology Parameters:




Rotary speed:980-2900r/min;




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