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XBD-W1 Horizontal Multistage Fire Fighting Pump

XBD-W1 Horizontal Multistage Fire Fighting Pump

Product Introduction:

XBD-W Horizontal Multistage Fire-fighting Pump, is the latest development and production of energy-saving products. With high efficiency, low noise operation, anti-cavitation good performance, reasonable structure, long life and other significant advantages. For non-delivery of water and solid particles of similar physical and chemical properties of liquid water use, mainly for fire protection system pressurized water, can also be used in factories and mines to the drainage, high-rise building pressurized water, long-distance water, heating, bathrooms , Boilers and well-being of pressurized water cycle, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment for water systems and other occasions. 

The Division produced XBD-W-series fire pump performance, technical requirements in line with the state promulgated the new GB6245-1998 "fire pump performance requirements and test methods," the requirements of the standard, products and equipment by the State Quality Supervision and Testing Fire Center tested by the Shanghai fire products recognized certificates. 

Performance and advantage:

High efficiency and low energy consumption

Low noise

Small vibration

Reasonable structure

Long life

Type Designation:

XBD 7.2/20-100 W

XBD – Fire pump code

7.2 –Design pressure (1/10MPa)

20 – Design flow (L/S)

100 –Diameter of pump outlet and inlet (mm)

W – Horizontal structure 

Technology Parameters:




Rotary speed:1450r/min;


Temperature range:≤80℃

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