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Powder pneumatic diaphragm pump


1. More efficient production technology,alternative to traditional manual power delivery;

2. Improve the degree of automation,reduce energy consumption,reduce waste of raw materials,reduce operating costs;

3. A more small material stirring,to avoid the heat of the material,the equipment running without electric spark,no heat generated;

4. The more moderate internal shear force,the maximum to ensure that the integrity of the material properties are not affected;

5. More perfect confined space,so that the material completely isolated from the outside world,put an end to air pollution,no dust spills,to ensure personal safety;

6. More portable design,dose not require special ancillary equipment,smaller size,do mobile devices.


Main use:

1. Fine chemicals:pigments,dyes,carbon black,titanium dioxide,iron oxide,ceramic powder,TSP,light calcium,bentonite,molecular sieve,kaolin,silica gel powder,activated carbon,acid,alkali,lime;

2. Pesticide ore:urea,ammonium carbonate,soda ash,solid agriculture,tungsten powder,pesticide additives,copper concentrate powder,coal,phosphate rock powder,alumina powder;

3. Architectural metallurgy:fiber powder,cement clay,sand,quartz sand,clay powder,silica,limestone powder,dolomite powder,wood powder,glass fiber,silica,talc ,metal powder,dye powder;

4. Food:flour,starch,grain,milk powder,yeast,sugar,monosodium glutamate,flour,crop powder,detergent and so on;

5. Automotive,paper,pharmaceutical,water treatment and other industries:powder coating,powder metallurgy parts, paper powder,tablet powder,ram materials,powder,sodium hydroxide,bleaching powder,sodium peroxide and so on.

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